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I Love my Girlfriend

I Love my Girlfriend

She pisses me off more than anyone else I have ever met. Maybe that’s not true. Maybe. She is just as stubborn (if not more) than I am. She wants things done her way all the time. I get annoyed sometimes because she just goes off without me as if she forgets I’m even there. She pisses me off so much!!!! The funny thing is, I wouldn’t want to change anything her though.

Not that I could anyway.…

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The older I get, the more I realize how much life sucks

The older I get, the more I realize how much life sucks

I remember when life was just a big heap of fun. I just woke up, went to school, pretended to listen, and just basically floated through life in a delusional bubble. When school was out, I would try to find many ways to just enjoy life. If I had the choice to play video games ALL DAY, then I would.

I started to notice how important my decisions are to my future.

The older I got, the more wisdom I…

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My dreams are driving me insane

My dreams are driving me insane

I don’t think I’ve had a proper night sleep in a long time. My mind usually gets rest while I sleep, but that’s not happening these days.

My dreams are short and random and I feel like I wake up between each dream. My legs feel weird and I lose comfort so I have to change positions.

It’s usually a very miserable night and morning. I guess now I’m not going to sleep until I can’t stay up anymore.

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So, I stepped on a nail…again

So, I stepped on a nail…again

I was doing some construction work the other day and things were going a bit slowly. We were preparing to do some casting and everyone else was upstairs.

The ladder was also upstairs so I had no way of getting up there unless I climbed. So I started to climb and they told me not to and passed down the ladder. I jumped off the window sill and on to a nail. The nail went right through my slipper…

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Sometimes I get really competitive

Sometimes I get really competitive

For the most part I keep my competitive nature under wraps. I try to tell myself that the game of UNO isn’t that important so I should just play with little to no enthusiasm.

Things usually go fine until I’m either losing, or the game is really close. I hate losing. I don’t want to ever lose. I don’t believe that second place deserves an award. That’s just reminding me for the rest of my life…

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The cowards keep talking to everyone but me

The cowards keep talking to everyone but me

I grew up hearing that people were saying things about me, but for some reason very few of them ever said anything to me. I let it bother me and dictate the way I lived. I tried to be the perfect Ricky that they all loved. One day I had a deep one on one with myself and realized this was stealing my joy. I basically said “screw it all” and just lived like any other normal human being; imperfect.

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The biggest relationship sin?

The biggest relationship sin?

Cheating is unforgivable because it is the worst thing a person can do when in a relationship, right? The purpose of a relationship is obviously to not make any mistakes right? The person you’re with is more perfect than you are right? If you made the choice to cheat then you wouldn’t want them to forgive you right?

What makes cheating the worst thing you can do in a relationship?

Guys would you…

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