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Courtney Walsh Was A Legend!

Courtney Walsh Was A Legend!

He was quite possibly the worse batsman in the history of International Cricket though. His batting was NOTORIOUSLY bad. When the game wasn’t on the line then Walsh coming in to bat was just pure entertainment! He would walk in with his usual swagger, prepare to bat like every other batsman showing all the confidence in the WORLD, then he would start to bat. You should just see it for yourself.


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Inside the mind of Ricky #7…. I’m A Bad Christian

Inside the mind of Ricky #7…. I’m A Bad Christian

Jesus and I aren’t on the best terms right now. That is the understatement of the year. Our relationship is so stagnant right now that praying feels weird. Just simply talking to Him is hard. I don’t feel any connection at all. I do try to pray but I feel like no one is hearing me.

I know that I don’t deserve to talk to God especially when I live the way I’m living now. I know He will forgive me…

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"It’s nice to meet you"

“It’s nice to meet you”

I’m sitting here with my lovely girlfriend and a dude came in and gave her something she loan to him. He shook my hand and introduced himself and I gave him my name.

He told me that it’s nice to meet me and went on his way.

What I wondered and have always wondered was; How does he know it’s nice to meet me?

I could be a serial killer that could make him my next victim.

I may steal his girlfriend…

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If I was a MMA fighter

If I was a MMA fighter

For those who don’t know, MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. Most people know Karate but there are many other types. In fact, most MMA fighters tend to shy away from Karate because apparently the hit aren’t as hard, or something like that.

I think I found MMA by looking at boxing knockout videos. From a small age, I’ve wanted to be a boxer. The idea of punching somebody in their face till they…

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My favourite rap album of all time

My favourite rap album of all time

This continues to be one of the best, if not the best album I ever heard. It addresses race and Christianity in a way I never expected or experience before.

You can tell that it’s well thought out and not just thrown together in order to make catchy music and make money. Everything he did was for a specific purpose.

It was a very controversial album because he used “nigga” in a song called “Jim…

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Different angle… I actually posed lol #beard coming baaccckk! I think I’m losing hair…

Different angle… I actually posed lol #beard coming baaccckk! I think I’m losing hair…

I was awakened by something unexpected

I was awakened by something unexpected

It was very early this morning. Too early.

Before joggers get up, early.

Before there was sun, early.

My dogs started to bark. Not just the normal “oh look there’s absolutely nothing over there but let me bark at it for 5 minutes” bark. This bark was intense. It was somewhat angry and very annoyed.

It was such a determined bark that even though I moved my curtain and screamed “SHUT UP!”, the…

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When I am nervous I…

When I am nervous I…

…would love to say that I don’t get nervous and I am all Mr. 100% confident regardless of the situation, but as awesome as you know that I am, I am still just human.

I get nervous at times too.

I get nervous when I’m supposed to speak in-front of people. It could be 10 people, it could be 1000 people, I’ll feel just as nervous.

When I get nervous I…

give myself pep talks out loud. “This is…

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