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Why I hate weave and make-up

Why I hate weave and make-up

I know sometimes women put in weave because they don’t want to have to deal with their hair for a day or two. I know that your hair is sometimes really hard to deal with and you just want a break. I get that. I understand. I would prefer if you don’t put it in, but I understand.

I understand that sometimes you just feel the need to paint your face for special events. I understand that you just…

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Sometimes catching public transportation is annoying

Sometimes catching public transportation is annoying

I was walking to my gap to catch a van this morning and it started to rain so I hurried down and waited under the bus shed.  While waiting, a few vans passed and didn’t want to inconvenience themselves by coming across the road to pick me up.

After the rain stopped, I walked to Brighton gap to catch a van and said good morning to a lady that was there and she refused to answer me.  Although I was…

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Reality TV shows are disgusting

Reality TV shows are disgusting

Last year, or two years ago I was by a girl, that I liked for reasons that I still don’t understand, and she was watching black reality TV shows. I was absolutely disgusted by what I was seeing.

I still remember it and I have a HORRIBLE memory!

I particularly despised the females. They all acted angry and gangster, talking about who is more real than who with more false items on their body than a…

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To those upset about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

To those upset about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Stop being so selfish!

Yes, there are other issues in the world that are causing more problems than ALS. Yes some of these issue deserve to be given as much attention as ALS is given right now. Yes if you compare the number then ALS won’t win.


Ask yourself a few questions:

Did you even know ALS existed?

Would you like someone to raise awareness…

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Courtney Walsh Was A Legend!

Courtney Walsh Was A Legend!

He was quite possibly the worse batsman in the history of International Cricket though. His batting was NOTORIOUSLY bad. When the game wasn’t on the line then Walsh coming in to bat was just pure entertainment! He would walk in with his usual swagger, prepare to bat like every other batsman showing all the confidence in the WORLD, then he would start to bat. You should just see it for yourself.


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Inside the mind of Ricky #7…. I’m A Bad Christian

Inside the mind of Ricky #7…. I’m A Bad Christian

Jesus and I aren’t on the best terms right now. That is the understatement of the year. Our relationship is so stagnant right now that praying feels weird. Just simply talking to Him is hard. I don’t feel any connection at all. I do try to pray but I feel like no one is hearing me.

I know that I don’t deserve to talk to God especially when I live the way I’m living now. I know He will forgive me…

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"It’s nice to meet you"

“It’s nice to meet you”

I’m sitting here with my lovely girlfriend and a dude came in and gave her something she loan to him. He shook my hand and introduced himself and I gave him my name.

He told me that it’s nice to meet me and went on his way.

What I wondered and have always wondered was; How does he know it’s nice to meet me?

I could be a serial killer that could make him my next victim.

I may steal his girlfriend…

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If I was a MMA fighter

If I was a MMA fighter

For those who don’t know, MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. Most people know Karate but there are many other types. In fact, most MMA fighters tend to shy away from Karate because apparently the hit aren’t as hard, or something like that.

I think I found MMA by looking at boxing knockout videos. From a small age, I’ve wanted to be a boxer. The idea of punching somebody in their face till they…

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