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#Strange #Tomato

#Strange #Tomato

Research says that big words make you look stupid [w/video]

Research says that big words make you look stupid [w/video]

I read a CV recently when trying to write one for myself and saw one that was really overdone. The words that this person used would never be used ever again in the history of the world. They were that ridiculous. When I read it I said that I would never hire this person.

I’ve read many essays written by students while I was in secondary school, and some sounded like the students just right…

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So, I joined a gym

So, I joined a gym

I have a love hate relationship with working out. I love doing it, but I hate the idea of just going somewhere for the purpose of causing pain to my body. After much persuasion from my girlfriend, and after finding a good place for a good price, we decided to join.

The first day there we were told that we can only sign up, but we aren’t allowed to workout until the next day, because we had to be…

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The parent that threatened me

The parent that threatened me

Parents sometimes make teaching way more difficult than it really is because of their stupidity. With that it mind, you could probably imagine how difficult it was to keep from telling them how horrible they are doing as a parent.

Parents have admitted to being unable to “handle” their child, which upsets me because some of these same parents would come to the staff room upset with us because of…

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What do we deserve?

What do we deserve?

We have a sense of entitlement for no reason whatsoever. You apply for a job and when you don’t get it, you get upset. You think that everyone else thinks you’re as awesome as you think you are.

Well you’re wrong.

You know yourself very well because you spend all your time with yourself. You think you are the most important person in the world because you live in your world.



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#Repost #LIAT

#Repost #LIAT

Reasons to start a blog

Reasons to start a blog

I’ve been a blogger since about 2005. I started on hi5 and moved to Facebook  then blogger, and eventually WordPress. I’ve learned a lot about life, people, and even myself just from putting words down. I’ve always encouraged people to blog because it has had such a positive impact on my life. A few people have started blogging but I would love to see more blog.

Here’s why.

  1. You get to express…

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