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The Art of War- NBA Mix

I finally made and NBA mix!! This was a project that I had in mind for a very long time and I finally decided to work on.

So, there’s a Christian Mingle movie

So, there’s a Christian Mingle movie

I hate the Christian Mingle commercial that say “find God’s match for you” because it reminds me of pick-up lines I heard at Bible college.

I heard a guy tell girls that they are God’s will for his life, yet he ended up with NONE of those girls. Interestingly enough, I don’t believe that there is one person that is “God’s will” for you and if you don’t get that person then you’re doomed forever.

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The black man jogging at night

The black man jogging at night

I was waiting for a bus one night with Riki when we heard a guy breathing hard. We looked and saw this black guy jogging in our direction with headphones in.

We know this isn’t America because not only is a black man jogging, but he’s jogging FREELY at NIGHT.

We moved a bit off the sidewalk so that he could pass freely. While passing he says “AMERICA!” rather loudly with a classic black American…

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A GOLDFISH had a tumor removed?

A GOLDFISH had a tumor removed?


A goldfish?

How can a goldfish be that important to someone?

Who would spend that much money on a goldfish?

Why would a doctor/vet even consider doing this operation?

How much could you charge someone for that?


I can’t deal with this much insanity!

Seriously, aren’t there many more things that we could do with time and money? Forgive me for thinking that a…

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The black man in his cowboy hat

The black man in his cowboy hat

When driving to pick up Riki one day, rain started to fall. It got really heavy which forced me to slow down since I have a phobia of driving on wet roads.

Living in the Caribbean means random rain moments like this all the time, but this one moment just caught me off guard. It was just too random!

So while I was cruising up the road I noticed him. Walking coming down the hill in the rain was a…

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Would you let a white man cut your hair?

I know many black guys care a whole lot about how their hair is cut and they won’t let anyone else apart from their barber cut their hair and that’s understandable, but if you didn’t have a barber then would you let a white guy try?

I was in a college with mostly white people and I got haircuts. Both of the white guys who cut my hair have the same name; John. I always wanted to grow out my hair…

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Words cannot express how much I LOVE my key ring. #SolarPowered

My fan hates me

My fan hates me

My fan has a problem. It doesn’t come on as soon as I put it on. I’m not sure why but it could be very annoying when you’re ready to sleep and it refuses to come on for 3-5 minutes.

But that’s not why I believe my fan hates me.

One evening I needed to go outside for some reason or the other and so I decided to turn on my fan in advance so that by the time I get back it would be on AND GUESS…

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